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Daycare Features:

Why do you manage a daycare? Is it because of a love for bill collection or accounting? Of course not!

Set Sail Software automates business processes while at the same time freeing you from having to implement confusing information technology packages.


  • Always On
  • No Backup Necessary
  • No IT Skills Necessary
  • Accounting
  • Roles
  • Billing -- never chase down a customer again!
  • Customer Account Management
    • Multiple Accounts (i.e. in case of divorce etc...)
  • Allergy / Health Tracking
  • Menu Tracking
    • CACFP Documentation
    • Compare against allergy records

Daycare Cases:

Susan runs a daycare on spreadsheets. She admits that she makes up a new spreadsheet every month or so and often forgets are certain pieces of information are come Tax Time.

Jill manages her daycar with expensive software that she has to hire a local IT guy to manage. Her growing, three-location daycare spends 30% of profits on this 1 consultant.

Set Sail Class and Care is here to help these two extremes. Its not too expensive. It is very organized. And because it is software as a service, it always delivers top quality service and support.