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Simple Technology for Childcare

Easy Technology

Required: Web Browser - that's it!

  • Don't waste time trying to find spreadsheet files.
  • Don't waste money hiring consultants to manage the huge databases of other solutions.

Cloud Computing comes to Childcare!

With Cloud Computing, Set Sail takes care of all the system management. You just connect with your web browser when you're ready to work. Because the software isn't on computers at your facility, you're free to work at the office, from home, or the coffee shop across the street.

  • Connect from a web browser
  • We take care of all the security
  • We perform all upgrades and maintenance
  • Focus on childcare -- and we take care of all the computers

To learn more about how Cloud Computing and Software as a Service let's you focus on the enjoyable parts of childcare while we handle the technology and business records management, click here.

To give software as a service a try in your daycare, click here.

See a demo of the software.

Case Study

Anthony and Charlotte started a new daycare together as a husband and wife team. Anthony was going to handle the business processes, Charlotte was going to handle the kids. A perfect blend of skills!

As Anthony shopped around for software products it became obvious to him that solutions were either outdated, incomplete, or very complicated. His struggle was that he was going to have to pick up a lot of IT skills (the kind professionals go to 4 years of college for) or he was going to have to create a lot of processes in Quikbooks and Excel and hope for the best.

The second was easier at the time, and now he has a messy, time-wasting system for tracking attendance and payments. It doesn't do much more than that.

Now, it is easy to get past what Anthony had to go through. Set Sail Software will handle attendance, billing, CACFP reimbursement, accounting, and many other functions necessary to run a Daycare or Preschool.

And you'll never have to install a single software program!

Let technology keep track of the business records. Let technology handle the billing. Let technology track down those who have not yet paid. You take care of creating the lessons, and enjoy working in your daycare or preschool.