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Bill Collection - Simplified

Automatic Billing, Automatic Collection

How much easier would it be if customers were automatically charged each month?

How much time does billing customers take up? 10, 20, 40 hours a Month? a Week? More? When you look at creating bills, collecting checks, analyzing to figure out who hasn't paid, recording payments, following up 4 or 5 times with those who have not paid? It becomes an extra work week at least once a month and often more.

Set Sail Software eases this painful task.

Case Study

As a daycare owner, Donnah's most detested moments came when she had to ask for payments from the parents of the children attending her center. Everyone who has ever worked in a daycare knows how agonizing it can be to collect when parents don't really want to pay.

Enjoy work and life outside work with this one task out of the way! And any followup that needs to be done can be performed by Set Sail Software as well.