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Preschool Management Software

Preschool Features:

Why do you manage a prescool? Is it because of a love for bill collection or accounting? Of course not!

Set Sail Software automates business processes while at the same time freeing you from having to implement confusing information technology packages.


  • Always On
  • No Backup Necessary
  • No IT Skills Necessary
  • Accounting
  • Employee Access Levels
  • Billing -- never chase down a customer again!
  • Customer Account Management
    • Multiple Accounts (i.e. in case of divorce etc...)
  • Allergy / Health Tracking
  • Menu Tracking
    • CACFP Documentation
    • Compare against allergy records

Preschool Examples:

Preschools are hectic. Two classes can make for checking in 60, 100 and more students on a daily basis. Homework, grading, activities, collecting bills.

You could manage this with spreadsheets, and watch the confusion that sets in when looking at files that are less than 2 months old. You can purchase expensive software that ends up costing even more when you need techies to manage your database.

There is also Set Sail Class and Care. Nothing to download. Nothing to backup. Nothing to upgrade.

And while you're saying goodbye to all these technical difficulties, you can also say goodbye to other annoyances: billing, customer management, accounting.

Set Sail Class and Care will leave you free for the fun parts of running a daycare. You'll have more time to plan your lessons. You'll have more time to interact with the children and show your school to potential attendees. You will also have more time to have a life outside of the preschool.

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