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Set Sail Launches Non Profit to Better Childcare provides tools to parents and providers to increase quality of childcare

San Diego -- June 21, 2010 -- Finding proper childcare can be time consuming and expensive. It can also be very repetitive if the first choice doesn’t go well. Once a parent discovers a potential daycare or preschool, phone calls have to be made, maps checked, tours scheduled.

Set Sail Class and Care™, the leading provider of management software to daycare and preschools, has launched a new website that makes the task of finding childcare easier.

"We had two goals in mind," says Terence Stephens, Director of Communications, "First, we wanted to make sure parents had a way to map many day cares at once, this helps to them to see options that are near their other daily activities. Second, we wanted to provide a community that allows us to share expertise that we aren't able to contribute via our core product."

Set Sail announces the founding of and the non-profit Organization for Quality Care and School (OQCS™).

For more information about Set Sail Class and Care, please visit For more information about OQCS, please visit


About Set Sail Class and Care
Set Sail Class and Care is a leading provider of software solutions to childcare providers. With a focus on Cloud Computing and Software as a Service, Set Sail provides feature rich products in a cutting edge medium. The only technical skill necessary to run Set Sail’s software is the ability to open a web browser and connect to the Internet.

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Terence Stephens
Director of External Communications