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Free Seminar: Why your daycare takes too much time

Seminar teaches childcare providers how to eliminate 10 - 15 hours of work per week.

Salt Lake City -- May 23, 2011 -- As many proprietors of small businesses know, starting a new business is very time consuming. Often there is one skill the business owner knows very well and many new skills that need to be developed.

The same is true for daycare providers. It is not uncommon for new providers seeking to shake off the stress of having a boss and full time job to work 150% more than they had to before. This sort of business is often started so the provider can spend more time with family and enjoy a higher quality of life.

In order to help any daycare or preschool manager who feels their service is taking too much time, Set Sail Class and Care is offering a free seminar titled "The 5 reasons your daycare takes way too much of your time."

"With the skills and practices we are focusing on in this seminar," says Director of Communications, Terence Stephens, "any provider should be able to save at least 2 hours of work from their weekly schedule; however, it is more likely they will save 10 -15 hours each week."

The seminar focuses on areas such as customer management, government regulation compliance, and effective use of technology. The lessons contained in the symposium are based upon Set Sail's work with childcare providers, government studies, and numerous business resources concerning small business management.

This seminar is to be conducted online over the next few months. All one needs to attend is a computer and an Internet connection.

For more information about Set Sail Class and Care, please visit Information is available on the website for those interested in attending.


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