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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service is a software platform where processing and data storage take place in a central location on the internet. This is also a major component of Cloud Computing.

SaaS is accessed via your web browser. All you need to do to begin using Set Sail is turn on your computer and point your favorite browser to our service. Your customers have this easy access as well; they may use a computer to pay bills and keep updated on what their child is up to at your facility.

SaaS Benefits to your Childcare Business

Because software is managed in a central location, the childcare manager and owner does not need to worry about frustrating software tasks such as upgrades, security, and maintenance.

No upgrades or other maintenance

Set Sail will manage your software from our servers. We roll-out new features incrementally (usually about once or twice a month), but you don't have to do a thing to begin using these new features.

You are a childcare facility, not a IT Shop. There's no need to hire a consultant, and Set Sail support is always free. We'll keep the system running while you take care of the work that truly matters in a child's life.

Security is much easier

Don't let viruses ruin your reputation and compromise your data. All you have to do is use a good password and we'll take care of the rest the security. Our security professionals monitor the integrity of connections at all times and our servers are all monitored by elite security firms to make sure security is never compromised.

Lower Costs

Starting at $45 per month, Set Sail doesn't require a huge investment to get started. This is nice because you don't have to make a huge outlay of cash to be able to use the software. The investment prices is much easier to cover than the initial thousands of dollars required by some companies.

In addition, what if (and this is big "if") you don't like the software? Combined with our 1-month free trial, you are in a risk-free environment to see if Set Sail provides you the value you need. If it doesn't, you haven't already spent the thousands other companies require.

More information on SaaS for you facility

See Wikipedia's SaaS article for a more in depth analysis of this method of software infrastructure.