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About Us

Set Sail Philosophy

Set Sail Class and Care is designed with the customer in mind. We realize you're under staffed and trying to accommodate many cusotmers at the same time.

Set Sail Class and Care is all about saving you time and simplifying daycare and preschool management.

Set Sail Class and Care's software provides the best and easiest solution for large and small daycares, preschools, and Montessori schools. The software customizes itself to be the best solution you're in need of.

CACFP History

Set Sail was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana and San Diego, California. It is the product of many adventures in teaching and taking care of young children. And in seeing that available options either didn't do enough, were too complex, or lacking in necessary features.

Launched in early 2010, Set Sail Class and Care currently operates out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Satellite Offices remain in San Diego.

Set Sail Class and Care is the premiere software company that provides easy to use products and requires absolutely no technical expertise to manage childcare services via computing technology.

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